Sunsama Review: How This Calendar Blocking App Solved All My Productivity Problems in Just Seven Days

Martine Ellis
6 min readFeb 26, 2023

My Problems

Just when I thought my productivity system was close to perfect, something happened. It was a simple thing, really, and something that my system should have been able to handle.

It couldn’t.

In short, my workload (across my day job, personal, and business life) increased. Not just in one area. In all three. My system couldn’t cope.

This increased workload left me constantly adding tasks to my task manager that became part of a seemingly never-ending postponement loop. The impact on my productivity — and, more importantly, my wellbeing — was becoming concerning.

The fundamental problems were:

  1. Increased volume of projects and tasks (some were linked to projects, some were not — there was just more of everything).
  2. Underestimating how long tasks were going to take.
  3. More meetings (I suspect this was the cause of my increased workload rather than the workload increasing and leading to more meetings).
  4. A mix of systems — I run my work life from Microsoft Outlook and my personal and business life from Google.
  5. Calendar management issues — I underestimated the time I needed between meetings or tasks (for making notes, updating project plans, travelling, and breaks.)

It is important to note at this stage that I’m not trying to fit my increased workload into the same amount of time as before. That would not be sensible. My response to this increase in workload has been practical — not emotional. Things will take longer, and I am managing the expectations of those around me accordingly. Furthermore, steps are being taken to enable me to delegate some of the additional tasks.

That being said, my productivity system should be able to handle a greater diversity of tasks, meetings, and projects, and it couldn’t. Something had to change.

Having identified the problems, I started to work on a solution.

After seven days of experimenting, I am convinced the solution is Sunsama.

The Solution



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