Master Your Schedule with Morgen: The Ultimate Calendar Solution

Martine Ellis
3 min readApr 10

What is Morgen?

Morgen is an innovative calendar tool designed to help you manage your schedule and workload more effectively. It seamlessly combines multiple calendars — for me, that’s a work Outlook calendar and a personal Google Calendar — allowing you to view all your events and commitments in one convenient place.

With a focus on time blocking and easy navigation, could Morgen be the answer to your productivity woes?

Morgen’s Standout Features

  • Unified calendar view: Morgen combines your work and personal calendars in one place, providing a clear overview of your entire schedule.
  • Time blocking: Morgen’s time blocking feature helps you allocate specific blocks of time to tasks and appointments, promoting focus and productivity.
  • Todoist integration: Morgen includes a simple task list that would be sufficient for most, but I’m still deciding whether to give up Todoist yet (I love their iOS quick capture widget). Thankfully, I do not need to decide yet, because Morgen has a two-way Todoist integration. I can drag tasks from Todoist onto my Morgen calendar to time block inside Morgen — see the screenshot below.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: navigate your calendar easily using Morgen’s intuitive keyboard shortcuts, making your scheduling experience faster and more efficient.
  • Pricing and educator discount: Morgen offers competitive pricing plans, with a special deal for educators.
  • Apps: at the time of writing, Morgen’s iOS and Android apps are in beta (available with a paid subscription). I’m using the iOS app, and it does everything I need it to — I particularly like the agenda view, so I can see the whole month and a list of tasks and events for the day (see screenshot below).

My Experience with Morgen

Morgen has been a game-changer for me. The ability to view my work and personal calendars in one place has made managing my busy schedule so much easier. While I had…

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